Pet etiquette

to the attention of pets and owners
  • We are happy to welcome your dog, cat or other pets at our hotel.
  • Costs: 4.500.-HUF/ pet/ night.
  • Your pet can be accommodated in your guest room only.
  • A drinking/ feeding bowl and a little surprise will be provided in your room for your pet.




pet friendly etiquette
  • We ask you to put your dog ont he leash all around the hotel outside of your guest room.
  • Our colleagues at the reception will be happy to help, if you are unsure where ont he ground your dog can be off the leash.
  • Do not leave your dog alone in the guest room for too long. Leaving your dog alone for too long may cause separation anxiety, with simptoms such as barking, scraching, howling, etc. Before you go on a vacation with your dog, please test how long you can leave him alone.
  • Please indicate to our staff, that your pet is in the room alone. Use the door hanger in your room.
  • We ask you not to let your pet ont he furniture (bed, couch, armchair, etc.).
  • Please clean up after your dog. Quickly pick up your dog’s messes both in your room and on the hotel grounds. Fort he start we have prepared some dog bags for you.
  • Sadly, we are unable to welcome your pet in our restaurant, but we are welcoming him at our restaurants terrace with a drinking bowl.
  • We would like to inform you, that for any damages caused by the dog, the owner is held responsible.
  • Also, please note that our guests rooms with a pet will be checked on a daily basis. Please bare this in mind while using the „do not disturb” hanger.
  • Before your departure, our hotel staff will control your guest room to check if everything is alright.
  • Basic expectations for dogs and other pets coming to our hotel
  • All dogs and other pets shall be well trained, non aggressive towards people or dogs.
  • The pet shall be well-kept and clean.
  • Your pet shall be protected against fleas.
  • The dog shall have all officially mandatory vaccinations and the owner should be able to prove them.



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Dear Guests, Our hotel still remains open and welcomes you, if – according to the regulations of the Hungarian Government order Nr.484/2020 (XI.10) – you are travelling to us for business, economic or educational purposes.

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