Pet etiquette

Pet etiquette

To the attention of pets and owners


  • We are happy to welcome your dog, cat or other pets at our hotel.
  • Costs: 4.500.-HUF/ pet/ night.
  • Your pet can be accommodated in your guest room only.
  • A drinking/ feeding bowl and a little surprise will be provided in your room for your pet.


Pet etiquette:

  • Please keep your dog on a lead at all times outside your room and within the hotel.
  • If you are not sure where to leave your dog around the hotel, please ask our reception staff who will be happy to help you.
  • Do not leave your dog alone in the room for long periods of time during which it may show separation anxiety. (e.g. barking, scratching at the door). Before going on holiday together, check that your dog can be left alone in a strange place.
  • Please inform the hotel staff if your dog is resting in the room. (Sign on the door handle).
  • Please do not let your pet onto the hotel beds or furniture under any circumstances.
  • If your dog leaves its droppings behind in any area of the hotel, please clean them up or, as far as possible, have these activities carried out outside the hotel.
  • Please note that pets are allowed to be walked in the hotel grounds using a dog toiletry bag.
  • Dogs/pets are not allowed in the restaurant and other catering areas, however, pets are welcome on the terrace of our restaurant with a drinking trough.
  • The Owner is fully responsible for any damage caused by the animal in the hotel room and other areas of the hotel, both financially, legally and morally.
  • We inform our Guests that our dog friendly rooms are subject to daily mandatory checks, please note this when using the "Please do not disturb" sign.
  • Please note that our staff will check your room upon departure and before check-out.

Basic expectations for dogs arriving at the hotel:

  • Not be aggressive towards people or other dogs.
  • Arrive at the hotel in a well-groomed state.
  • Be protected against fleas.
  • It must have the vaccinations required by the authorities and the owner must be able to prove this.

More information: 

Phone: +36 30 221 6912 or +36 21 311 0422


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