Games in the castle

Games in the castle

Spend your free time playfully!


Barefoot park-kneipp park

Take off your shoes and enjoy the nature in front of your foot. It is a recommended program for everyone where you can walk trough different natural materials. In addition this park can develops your feet sensations and stimulates your blood pressure so it is healthy! Take off your shoes!



Billiard/ crash game

Crash game demands skills and knowledge. It is less known game in Hungary but you have to try it because you can have memorable and enjoyable moments. Game rules is not difficult so you can acquire it easily. Please ask the rulebook from the reception and play a game in a patinated billard salon with a beautiful game table and autentic bullets.


Pétanque is a French origin ball game. Its name comes from a combination of the words of the French word Pieds tanqués, which means motionless feet. You can play with one, two or three players. You should try it on 50 acres of our beautiful park.


Our cozy cellar waiting for you to play a pingpong game. You can get the balls and the rackets from the reception.

Scrable, chess and board games

On cool autumn and winter evenings, there's nothing more pleasant than sitting down in the Blue Parlour after an Afternoon Tea and just playing, thinking and tactics. Get away from the smartphones and the information overload for an hour and truly relax in the company of loved ones.

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