House rule

House rule

House rule

Our dear guest!

Welcome to our accommodation.

It is our pleasure to have you visit our hotel and to have you as our guest.

Károlyi Castle is a magical and special place, please help preserve its splendor and tranquility, and preserve the integrity of the park and arboretum, which has been declared a nature conservation area.


Our guests can book the rooms from 14:00 on the day of arrival, the rooms must be vacated by 10:00 on the day of departure.

Before receiving the room keys, please fill out our registration form according to the instructions of our reception colleagues. By signing the registration form, the guests accept the rules of the castle.

In the case of late travel (which is only allowed after consultation with the reception and its permission), 50% of the current room rate (depending on the type) must be paid before 3:00 p.m., in the case of travel after 3:00 p.m. the full daily room rate per day (depending on the type) payable.

Only guests registered at the reception can stay in the hotel rooms, please welcome your visitors in the public spaces (reception, castle lobby, restaurant, castle park, etc.).

To keep your valuables, a safe is available free of charge in every room of the hotel.

Food and drinks not purchased in the hotel can only and exclusively be consumed by the guest in the hotel room while protecting the equipment. Any damage caused to the equipment must be compensated.

In the hotel room, it is forbidden to store flammable or explosive substances, to operate coffee makers, water heaters, irons and other electrical appliances, and to light candles and candles. Please indicate your need for ironing at the reception, and you can use the ironing room designed for this at your own risk free of charge.

Furnishings and textiles (e.g. blankets, towels, etc.) may not be taken out of the hotel!

We ask our guests to report any malfunctions experienced in the room to the reception immediately.


We ask our guests - before leaving the room - to make sure that the water taps are not left open, the electricity is not on, the windows are closed and the air conditioning is turned off. When leaving, please hand in the room key at the reception of our hotel. If the key is lost, the hotel is entitled to charge a compensation fee of HUF 1,000/key.


The half-board service starts with dinner on the day of arrival and ends with breakfast on the day of departure - if you use this service.

At meals and other events, we ask that you appear in the appropriate attire. No slippers, bathrobes or warmers are allowed.

Depending on the number of our hotel guests, the breakfast is unlimited from the a la carte menu or the buffet table, but it is not allowed to bring glasses, plates, cutlery, food, or drinks from the restaurant into the room.

Our hotel is child-friendly, but we would like to ask parents to pay special attention to their children in the restaurant so that they do not disturb other guests by shouting or running around.

Pets are not allowed in the hotel's restaurant. In good weather, we welcome your pet when dining on our terrace.

We do not serve alcohol to people under the age of 18.

If you ask for your restaurant consumption to be charged to the room bill, at the end of the meal, you should agree on your consumption with our colleagues and verify your balance with your signature.


Smoking is prohibited in all rooms of the hotel, as well as in the restaurant and public areas! Please smoking only in designated areas. In case of smoking in the room, the hotel is entitled to invoice a HUF 15,000 compensation fee.

Please respect the peace of the other guests and do not disturb them by making noise! Especially after 10:00 p.m., pay attention to each other's calmness.

All guests must comply with the hotel's fire safety regulations. In the event of a fire, the staff must be notified immediately and then leave the building as quickly as possible in accordance with the fire alarm plan.

The hotel is entitled to compensation for damage caused by negligence or on purpose.

Information about our additional services and their use can be obtained from the reception staff or the guest information sheet in the room.


Driving by car or motorcycle is only possible on the asphalt road, parking only in the designated parking lots. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that there are many large trees in the parking areas of our castle, parking is done at your own risk. Please do not stay near large trees in windy weather, falling branches can cause accidents. Fires are not allowed in the park. Bathing in the lake, fishing, stepping on the ice is not allowed.

The park of our castle is an arboretum, the kind of botanical garden that mainly presents trees and shrubs. It provides an opportunity for recreation, its scope of activities includes dissemination of knowledge, provision of opportunities for research, cultural and educational programs, as well as nature and environmental protection. By keeping and breeding endangered species, it contributes to the preservation of biological diversity. We protect our environment, it is forbidden to scatter any inorganic decoration (e.g. plastic flower petals) in the park.


Many pieces of the castle's furnishings and exhibition area furniture are monuments, so if you need to move them, ask for the permission and help of our reception or event organizer colleague. It is not allowed to remove the pictures from the wall under any circumstances, in the case of weddings, they can be covered with material provided by the decorator. The exhibition areas of the castle are not part of the hotel, our guests can only visit these rooms as part of an organized guided tour. The castle is entitled to charge a compensation fee for damages caused by our guests to the exhibits and furniture.


In all cases, the written approval of the hotel's Event Organizer is required for the importation of food and beverages.

These products can only be imported in limited quantities.

Delivery note and invoice for drinks and ready meals; in the case of foodstuffs and raw materials, a delivery note and invoice are required, and in the case of meat, an official veterinary license is required in order to be able to accept them.

In the case of bringing home-made food and cakes, you need to fill out a declaration of responsibility, and we ask that you please fill out a handover-handover declaration on site for all imported products. Food and drinks left after the event must be delivered from our hotel on the day of departure, we are unable to store them.

Thank you for your understanding and help in ensuring that all our guests have a pleasant stay and rest here, so that we can protect our built and natural environment together.

We wish you a pleasant rest!

Angelica Károlyi and Károlyi – Kastély Hotel & Restaurant team.

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