The Károlyi Chateau is situated in the village of Fehérvárcsurgó, in the west of Hungary, off the RN81, some 80 kilometres from the centre of Budapest, close to the beautiful baroque town of Székesfehérvár where in former times Kings of Hungary were crowned.

The building now consists of twenty bedrooms, several libraries richly stocked with books on the social sciences, eight meeting and conference rooms, of different sizes and fully equipped, a 500 sq.metre baroque cellar, and a restaurant seating eighty people.

It is a proven fact that formerly people could also mentally indulge in relaxation from the second day of their holiday, in contrast with the current faster pace of life when your body is able to do the same only on the fifth day. Our aim is to prove to you that it is possible to spend a few days without modern technological devices – giving your mind to total rest and relaxation.


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